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Benefits of Leasing


Why Leasing a New Kia Vehicle Can Offer Superior Financing Options

Both buying and leasing a Kia offer terrific benefits, but it's all dependent on what you're looking to get out of your vehicle. If you're currently in the market for a new vehicle but are on a tight budget, leasing a new Kia model here at O'Brien Kia might be your best option! Leasing a new Kia model offers many benefits for drivers looking to upgrade to a new vehicle or those looking to purchase their first vehicle here in the greater Bloomington, IL area. In order to make the entire vehicle shopping experience easier on you, we're going to outline a few of the main benefits that leasing your next vehicle can offer and allow you to decide whether leasing your next vehicle here is the best option for you!


Why Leasing a New Kia Model Is a Great Option For You!

A Lower Monthly Payment: Oftentimes, leasing a vehicle rather than getting a loan can offer you lower monthly payments. When you lease a vehicle, you're in turn paying for the depreciation of that vehicle rather than the entire vehicle over time like you would be when paying back a loan, allowing you to spend less money per month on your new Kia model. Also, many times leasing a vehicle can cost you a lower down payment and sales tax than buying it would.

Driving Needs: If you're someone who doesn't tend to drive their vehicle long distances or under 12,000 miles a year (or more with higher mileage lease options), then leasing is a great option for you to get everything you need out of your next vehicle while spending less than you would to own it.


Other Benefits

  • You can drive a new vehicle every few years when you upgrade to a new lease at the end of your lease. This allows you to not only enjoy the latest technology and advancements, but also allows you to upgrade to a brand new vehicle without the hassle that would come with selling your Kia vehicle to a dealership or third party.
  • You'll spend less on Kia maintenance and repair costs because you'll be covered by a factory warranty during the entirety of your lease.