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Your Guide to Understanding Common Car-Buying Myths

If you’re a Central Illinois resident who has been searching for a reliable Kia car dealership to turn to for browsing new Kia cars or pre-owned Kia cars for sale, visit O'Brien Kia of Bloomington. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for and even help dispel some common myths associated with vehicle purchases.


Car-buying Myths

You have probably received car-buying advice at some point in time. While some tips can be helpful, others may be a bit misleading and more myth than fact. For example, one common misconception is that paying in cash or visiting a dealership at the end of the month or right before closing will help you snag the best deal. In reality, there really is no advantage to those approaches. An effective financing conversation can happen at any time of day or month and without the need for cash.


Another popular myth is that if you purchase a red vehicle your insurance rates will spike. However, this isn’t true since insurers look more to the make, model, year, age, and body type of your vehicle and not the color. If you feel perplexed by advice and myths you’ve heard along the way, simply bring your questions and concerns to our Bloomington, IL, Kia dealership.


Before You Buy

In addition to having decided on the vehicle you want to purchase, it’s important to have a firm grasp of your budget and credit standing. Understanding these important items may help you narrow your search and also provide a realistic idea of what you can afford. I addition, if you’ll be trading in your current vehicle, make sure you’re ready to hand over the keys by the time you visit our Kia dealership. That means that you’ve done a thorough sweep to remove all personal items and that you’ve prepared important vehicle-related paperwork. Taking these steps will put you in a great spot for a successful and pain-free discussion about your Kia finance options.


When you’re ready to make an investment at our Kia dealership near Normal, IL, reach out to our team online or by phone or simply stop by to take the next step toward taking home your dream vehicle.