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What Should I Do at the End of My Lease?

If you're nearing the end of your Kia lease, chances are you've started to think about what your next step is going to be to either owning or leasing your next vehicle. Here at O'Brien Kia, it is our goal to make the entire vehicle owning and leasing process as simple and convenient as possible, which is why we want to remind you of your options once the lease on your Kia model is up!


End of Lease Options at O'Brien Kia:


Lease or Purchase A New Kia Model

If your lease is about to be up and you're interested in leasing or purchasing a new Kia model, simply choose the one that's right for here and we'll make the process easier and more enjoyable than ever! One of the biggest advantages of leasing a vehicle rather than buying it is being able to upgrade to a new vehicle every few years with no hassle! Simply bring your current vehicle in for a quick inspection, then pick out the new Kia model that you want to get behind the wheel of and we'll help you to figure out the lease or loan option that works best for you and your budget so you can get back on the road in a new Kia model in no time!


Purchase Your Current Kia Model

At the time of the end of your lease, you've already paid off a large portion of the vehicle, making it easy and affordable for you to purchase that same vehicle rather than to lease or purchase a new Kia! Purchasing your vehicle after your lease is up is a great way to get the most value out of your vehicle. You'll be able to purchase your current lease for its residual value, which is essentially the depreciated value of the vehicle over the lease period, allowing you to buy your vehicle for less than you would if you were to buy the vehicle from another dealership of from a third party.

Return Your Lease

We want you to exercise your options to find the vehicle that is going to fit your needs best, so if your lease is up and you aren't positive what your next step is going to be, simply return it here and continue to look for your dream vehicle!


Come See Us Here at O'Brien Kia With Any and All of Your Questions

If you have any questions or concerns surrounding your end of lease options, we welcome you to come visit us here at our Kia dealership serving Bloomington, and all surrounding areas to speak to one of our knowledgeable and helpful staff members and we will assist you in every step of the way!