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O’Brien Kia of Bloomington Answers the Question, “When Should I Change My Oil?”

O’Brien Kia of Bloomington is home to a fantastic selection of Kia automobiles, as well as a Service department that’s expertly trained to care for our customers’ Kia cars. Oil is the most critical component for ensuring a vehicle’s performance and longevity, and thus it requires consistent attention.


Why Regular Oil Changes are Important

 Regular oil changes for your pre-owned Kia sedan or new Kia SUV Bloomington, IL are required every 3,000 - 5,000 miles. This number can vary depending on the type of oil your car uses and the age of your vehicle, so be sure to double-check with our local Kia dealers. Oil first and foremost is a lubricator, responsible for reducing the friction and heat created when your engine’s many fast-moving parts rub together. Oil is also a cleanser, in the sense that fresh oil helps flush out dirt, sediment, and old oil, thereby protecting your engine.

As one of the most well-established Kia dealership locations in Bloomington, IL, we can say with confidence that not changing your oil will lead to big problems. One problem is sludge, which is another word for old, gummy oil that sits in your engine. This stuff will eventually hamper your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. Overheating is another problem caused by lack of oil – when there’s nothing to lubricate your engine’s components, it doesn’t take them long to overheat and damage the engine. A third issue is engine corrosion, which is caused by sludge, sediment, and other detritus that sits in the engine and eats away at its inner lining.


Our Kia Service Center

Open Monday thru Friday from 7:30am - 6pm, and Saturday 8am - 12pm, our Kia service center serving Bloomington, IL has everything your engine needs. We carry a variety of different oil types and grades, and our highly-trained service technicians can easily match the right oil to your Kia automobile.

Through our website, you can make a service appointment and research the frequent specials our nearby Kia dealers offer on oil changes, oil filters, and more. Also, our experienced team will help you stay on track not just with your oil needs, but also your car’s scheduled maintenance and required tune-ups.


Change Your Kia Model’s Oil Today

Nothing good can come from neglecting to change your oil, so visit our Kia dealership at 1608 Morrissey Drive in Bloomington, IL and rely on our service team to get your car up to speed. Performance, fuel economy, and safety are all optimized with regular oil changes.