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You can help other vehicle buyers by writing a review about your experience– especially when it’s good– to let others know the dealership and employees care for their customers.

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– How did you find us?
– Did you buy a new or a used vehicle? What make and model?
– Which store did you buy our vehicle from?
– Who was your salesperson?
– Did our dealership meet your expectations?
– Was there someone on our team who really impressed you?
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To make the process easier, we’ve included examples below:

“I had a really good experience with this dealership. Everything was transparent right off the bat, from the available models to pricing. My sales rep, Brian, was always responsive when communicating, and flexible coordinating an appointment. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and chose to do business with Brian/this dealership because of the recommendations of others. I will definitely buy another car here in the future.”

“O’Brien Kia of Bloomington was amazing to work with! They helped us find our Unicorn Kia Carnival and we are forever grateful for their hard work! Our sales consultant, Brian, was very professional and answered all our questions in a very timely manner. Thank you again, O’Brien Kia! We love our vehicle!”

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